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Can I trust you???

Ever been awe-struck by stellar profiles on LinkedIn with claims of graduating from prestigious universities, 10+ years of experience at top tech companies and 500+ connections? What if I told you that some of them could be completely fake, carefully designed to fool you? Such is the case of about 1000 profiles, professing to have graduated from China’s top university, created for pig-butchering scams. 

Every year, millions of fake profiles are created to fool the unassuming public, especially to get them hooked on to fraudulent schemes, courses or crypto rings. Though LinkedIn and other social media platforms are actively working to detect these malpractices, the leeway of not having a verifying authority gives any user the freedom to fake their profiles. And once they’ve built a decent following, it becomes even harder to detect. 

This is specifically why it is necessary to have a platform where verification of profiles is of utmost importance. At Talentchek, we aim to tackle the problem at its roots by getting the organizations mentioned by the user to provide a one time verification of their qualifications which can be referenced at any stage. This prevents any attempt at faking details on your profile and helps one weed out such users. 

Log on to https://talentchek.com/ and self-initiate profile verification to establish your credibility to potential employers, clients, customers and social network! 

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