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Is It Easy To Fool People?

Every one of us is seeking stability in these difficult times with iffy health security. When all other choices have failed, we turn to hospitals for help. Yet, even the most premium institutions continue to let us down. In the past month, West Bengal’s capital city Kolkata has caught six fraudulent doctors. A seventh individual was taken into custody for providing bogus MBBS certificates. Over 560 fraudulent medical certifications were sold for thousands of rupees. 

Growing technology has aided fraudulence by enabling widespread public access to a variety of useful tools like photoshop. Deception is rampant, ranging from identity theft to fake degrees. If there had been a means to examine the doctors’ backgrounds, those with major health issues would have been spared. This brings up the burning question, who is legitimate and who isn’t? Is it possible to determine the authenticity of an individual’s background when certificates and experience can be easily fabricated? 

To do away with duplicity, we introduce Talentchek, a blockchain-enabled authorization portal to accredit an individual and ensure their educational qualifications and professional experiences are digitally validated by the respective schools, colleges, and business organizations directly. Talent Chek provides a global digital identity to every registered user and makes background checking affordable and accessible for the general public. Employers can check the validity of their prospective employees, landlords can check the previous tenancy activity of prospective tenants, men and women can check the credentials of their marriage prospects, guards can validate visitors, patients can check their doctors and passengers can check their cab drivers, all at one trusted source,Talentchek – your one-stop solution.

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