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About Us

An AI driven platform meant for managing individuals and company profiles through which the companies can provide references also the references are checked for the candidates seeking jobs
Every individual and organization register in this platform to provide and avail services.

This AI driven multi dimensional and integrated system platform verifies minute details of any individual from every walk of life corroborating with legal records.

To add, our services are extended to enterprises in diverse segments to make a clear background check and verification of any job applicant.

The AI driven platform through which period of the timeline with their work makes reference provided by any employer to the employee a permanent one in against the usual practice of redundant activity.

Redundancy is the same individual on the candidate seeking reference from action multiple times. This platform enables that to be eradicated platform which is meant to provide write match.

This AI driven platform facilitates to get the right talent for the employers, making the hiring or contracting process smooth and easier. It also provides employers with a broader scope in the recruiting process. Even before a formal interview date, the employer gets to know about the candidate’s area of strength as well as the weaknesses. Further, it makes way to provide a level play field for the Employees and Employers.

The platform facilitates to manage individuals and company profiles through the timeline period of their work. It makes reference provided by any employer to the employee a permanent one as against the usual practice of redundant activity, eradicating yesteryear practices.

In an effort to provide the right match of candidates to appropriate employees who are recruiting, hiring and contracting, this platform assists further more to reach out to a large group of potential employees whose backend verification has already been carried out. To carry out any sort of specific verification of candidates, this platform comes handy for the employers.

This platform is meant to provide a healthy relationship between the employer and employee, catering both to the white collared and the blue collared section, bringing fairness on the wages and also the service provided.

Enabling to verify credential and veracity of the details provided by a potential candidate for recruiting, the platform helps employers get to know about the references provided to the candidates and the past employment details through referrals given by their previous managers, peers, classmates and school teachers as well.

This platform provides space to share and upload candidates’ profiles for potential employers to connect quickly towards hassle free hiring. Candidates have options to disclose only details that they are willing to share. The candidates profile will never be put out in the open forum like any other social media or job portals. Highest level of confidentiality will be maintained on the details provided by the candidate. It will be shared only to the employers who are in touch with Platform, abiding by its terms and conditions. However, only after the candidate’s discretion, certain details of their choice can be made to view by others.

Candidates get a notification from a number of employers or individuals having viewed their profile, and their reaction towards hiring or for later hiring. The platform helps the candidate to get connected with their previous colleagues, classmates, peers, and managers transcending all boundaries and get referrals from them.

On the blue collared job front like drivers, plumbers, electricians anyone can get appraised through referrals from their client facilitating to improve their business. The platform enables them to get a fair chance to open up new avenues in their particular trade of work. Small and Medium scale enterprises run by a single person as proprietor can also get references registered to present later to their potential clients.

This platform enables schools & colleges to get connected with aluminize and also for the alumina to get connected quickly with each other. Prompting individuals to refer their friends for better options, it also enables them to identify their poor skills. In the broader sense, it facilitates each other to move towards better career options and augment certain skills required for the future.

This platform will help individuals to highlight talents of each other, enabling them to take up better job opportunities. Bringing out the inherent talents hidden in the individual, this platform facilitates to identify lacks and strengths helping to make better choices in their career.