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Can I trust you???

Ever been awe-struck by stellar profiles on LinkedIn with claims of graduating from prestigious universities, 10+ years of experience at top tech companies and 500+ connections? What if I told you that some of them could be completely fake, carefully designed to fool you? Such is the case of about 1000 profiles, professing to have…

What you see is not what you get?

A 34-year-old man, who runs a roadside shop in Ashok Nagar (Chennai), has been arrested for posing as an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras professor, and marrying a doctor two years ago for dowry (source: The New Indian Express). In recent times, despite the growth in social media and technology, it’s become harder to…

Let’s Discuss your Salary

So, shall we discuss your salary expectations?  Ever been stumped by this question in your final round of interviews?  Has one or more of the following questions ever crossed your mind? Am I rude to state my expectations? Am I overvaluing myself, or am I undervaluing myself? How do I give an estimate when I…



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